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New Webpage Celebration Week Sales

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We are celebrating! If you have visited our website before, you will have noticed that we have done a great job of redesigning.  After many hours of work updating all the content from scratch and integrating the amazing gallery and our new system for our partners, today is the big day to open the new website to the world.  You can browse ...

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Is a good practice bargain with your prices?

HI there! A business post today. Is just my point of view and my way to work, so all the comments are welcome. This is my opinion, based on my experience and how I want to run my business. tl ;dr (Short answer) No Now let me explain my opinion, the exceptions and the reasons why I don't think bargain for your couple or wedding photography is not a ...

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What is an unplugged wedding?

Some couples encourage guests to take photos at their wedding – providing as many perspectives of the big day as possible – while others ask their guests to unplug and leave the photography to the professionals. If you're leaning towards the latter, here are some polite ways to tell your guests, 'no photos please!' What is an unplugged wedding cere...

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Quique and Sara

How to prepare your Engagement Session

 Hi there! Today I will cover some tips about how to face an Engagement Session from the point of view of the couple. Before start, I want to make it clear that all these recommendations are based on my experience as a photographer and what my couple sessions are like. Some of these tips will be useful for everybody but each couple is differen...

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